Why a Starter Relay?

“Why should I fit a Relay on my Starter Motor when it did not need one until I fitted a new Starter Motor?


1/ As the Starter motor on the vehicle has aged, so has the wiring and connections that supply the Starter Motor with power to the Solenoid Terminal, which initially draws upwards of 45 amps through this circuit.

The circuit from battery through all of the connections to the ignition switch, from there through the neutral start switch (if Auto) and back to the Starter.

2/ This may cause occasional “clicking” with the old Starter BUT often is worse with a new one especially after a period of time and often with heat is worse.

3/ This is made worse due to the extra Voltage/Current required to pull in the solenoid of a new starter motor which obviously also has a new stronger return spring in it, (the old one would have been considerably weaker!)


4/ We suggest fitting a relay (and in the case of larger starter motors 2.5KW Denso’s etc. ) a larger continuous duty solenoid to avoid the “click” AND damage to the new Solenoid Contacts when the new Starter is fitted.

Please note that this is NOT a warranty fault of the Starter Motor!

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