Alternator - Before Installing

67% of all Alternator Failure is due to a faulty or weak battery (Batteries should be replaced every 3 years with the required cold cranking amps rating).

14% of all Alternator Failure is due to poor electrical connections, fusible links, bad battery cables and bad grounds. (Cable can be tested by verifying that the voltage drop doesn't exceed 1/2 volt from end to end).

9% of all Alternator Failure is due to belt wear or improper adjustment (Check for cracks, polished wear on belts and proper tension on belts).

6% of Alternator Failure is due to jump starting another car incorrectly. (Failure to disconnect connection on alternator may cause voltage spikes).

NOTE: Before Installing Alternator you must be certain of fully charged battery.

Never remove battery cable from battery to check charging system.

This will cause damage to the alternator and computer system.

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