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SmartCharge Battery Chargers

SmartCharge Battery Chargers for Lead acid batteries (open and closed types) AGM and Gel batteries included.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface and display
  • Automatically adapts charging to your battery
  • Built-in Power supply mode.
  • Monitor battery status in the display.
  • Secured against short-circuiting and reverse polarity.
  • Store the cable on the integrated solution.
  • Will not overcharge your battery
  • Temperature compensated charging>

EN60335-1; EN60355-2-29; EN61204-3; EN61000-3-2; EN61000-3-3

Additional Charger Functionality Temperature based voltage compensation

The charger automatically adjusts the charging voltage to the correct level according to the ambient temperature. The default ambient temperature is 25°C. Voltage is reduced for higher ambient temperatures and increased for lower ambient temperatures. The correct amount is ±0.03V/°C. Max temperature compensate charging voltage is 15.3 V.

14.7V Button

Some batteries require a higher charging voltage than other batteries. If the 14.7V button is activated the initial charging voltage will be 0.3V higher than the standard level. Before activating this button, the 14.7V charge voltage requirement should be confirmed. If a battery requires this higher charge voltage, it will be described on the battery.

Power Supply mode

Keep pressing the button until the LED shines one by one in a regular buttom to the top cycle, the charger will start power supply mode. In this mode, the charger supply 13.6V

Automatic restart after power interruption

If the mains’ power supply is temporarily interrupted, the charger will continue charging when the power supply returns.

Safety features
  • Incorrect polarity
  • Spark protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Low voltage protection
Technical Specifications
Type 12V
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